'Flugkörper'. Work for the project with vending machines of the 'Kunsthaus Bethanien' (Berlin) und Julie Schneider at Berlin, Stettin / Szczecin (Polen) und Strassburg / Strasbourg (Frankreich). Autumn 2005

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For the container of the 'galerie automatique' I collected floating seeds of the dandelion (taraxum officiniale, in Germany it is also called „blowing or puffing flower“). On the capsule you can find black printed letters with the words „please open outside“ in Polish, French and German: Prosze otworzyac! — S'il vous plait, ouvrir à l'exterieur! — Bitte draußen öffnen! The collecting place was a vacant lot near the former wall at Kreuzberger Engeldamm in Berlin. Here the plants have space to spread out and the air is filled with the hairy white seeds flying around.

When opening the halves of the bowls, those flying objects with the shape of an umbrella are going to make themselves on their way again and ...... for their new place

When the halves of the bowls are opened, the flying objects with the shape of an umbrella will escape and begin their journey again.

The exact moment when the work actually takes place is hard to grasp and goes to zero – the mathematical limit (original meaning of limit in Latin is „edge road“). Despite this, this species of plant did grow long before being collected at this place where the wall was standing and will continue to grow in future in new locations. The duration of the work is persistant and fleeting at the same time.

I heard it is possible to make a wish when opening the bowls.